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Where did the idea of Care with Maisarah come from

The idea of ​​care with Maisarah came as a matter of our duty towards a large segment of society, depriving rights and care
The idea of ​​Care with Maisarah came as a matter of responsibility towards families, individuals and service providers to various groups in society that need care and help for those who need it
It is our responsibility towards parents to train them on how to deal with their children who suffer from auditory, visual, motor and mental challenges, and who suffer from undesirable behaviors such as lying, theft, stubbornness, anxiety, tension, forgetfulness, lack of motivation to learn, low self-concept and jealousy, and those who suffer from autism and hyperactivity and individuals who suffer from developmental learning difficulties such as attention, concentration, memory and academic learning difficulties; Such as reading, writing, arithmetic and spelling, in addition to helping parents to overcome these problems or reduce them as much as possible
Care came with Maisarah to help service providers and parents and train them on how to observe behavior and plan treatment, build long and short-term treatment plans, and use appropriate strategies for that in order to reduce their behavioral problems
Care came with Maisarah to help parents evaluate their children in various fields, identify strengths and weaknesses, determine the form of difficulties, facilitate the way, and cooperate with them for treatment after evaluation, diagnosis and identification of the problem.
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Caring task with a facilitator

Our mission is to help others from all segments of society to:

Identify weaknesses and problems they face

Develop appropriate solutions and treatment plans to overcome or reduce them as much as possible

Reducing stress and psychological pressure on parents

Work to enhance the opportunity for independence and full integration into society for the case

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We believe that there is no obstacle for anyone experiencing a challenge of any kind, and it is possible to reach their fullest potential, integrate into society and live a happy life.
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