The idea of ​​caring with a facilitator came as a matter of responsibility towards families, individuals and service providers for multiple groups in society who need care and assistance for those who need them

It is our responsibility to parents to train them on how to deal with their children who suffer from auditory, visual, motor and mental challenges, and those who suffer from unwanted behaviors such as lying, theft, stubbornness, anxiety, tension, forgetfulness, lack of motivation to learn, low self-concept and jealousy, and those who suffer from autism, hyperactivity, and individuals who suffer from Developmental learning difficulties such as attention, concentration, memory, and academic learning difficulties. Such as reading, writing, arithmetic and spelling, in addition to helping parents to overcome these problems or reduce them as much as possible. Care with a facilitator to help service providers and parents and train them on how to observe behavior

And planning for treatment, building long and short-term treatment plans, and using appropriate strategies for that in order to reduce their behavioral problems. Care was provided with a facilitator to help parents evaluate their children in various fields, identify strengths and weaknesses, determine the form of difficulties, facilitate the path and cooperate with them for treatment after evaluation, diagnosis and identification of the problem


Our mission is to help others from all segments of society to identify the weaknesses and problems they face, and to develop appropriate solutions and treatment plans to overcome or reduce them as much as possible, relieve tension and psychological pressure on parents and work to enhance the opportunity for independence and full integration into society of the situation

We believe that there is no obstacle for anyone who suffers from a challenge of any kind, and it is possible to reach his fullest potential, integrate into society and lead a happy life.

As a matter of moral, professional and societal responsibility towards others, Maysara Abu Khairan began studying – specializing in special education – in Jordan at the College of Arab Society, and completed his university studies at the University of Jordan, and joined the labor market in Jordan, and then moved to work in the Sultanate of Oman and the State of Bahrain, and since 2014 Joined the Hamad Medical Corporation in the State of Qatar – Rumaila Hospital – one of the Hamad Medical Corporation hospitals in the Child Development Department in the field of assessment, diagnosis, training and care for people with autism and cerebral palsy, multiple syndromes, auditory, visual and motor disabilities and individuals with developmental learning difficulties And the Academy

During his career, he underwent training courses for evaluation and behavior modification, leadership courses and specialized courses in the rehabilitation of cadres working in the field of special education, including teachers, assistants, and specialists in the field of special education. He worked as a lecturer and presenter of courses and courses in schools and centers specialized in special education and behavior modification, and thank God, years of work and practical experience with the groups have been crowned. The multiple, especially behavioral problems, in the issuance of the first book entitled “The Way to Our Children”, the rules of education with Maisara, and he is still working to develop his capabilities and skills in line with professional, scientific and technical development in the field of special education and behavior modification

Study the case from all sides, and start the study from birth to the emergence of the problem and determine the causes and appearances.

Evaluate the situation from all developmental, academic and behavioral aspects, and identify strengths and weaknesses and the current level of performance.

Preparing individual educational plans and individual educational plans based on the weaknesses, taking into account the goals that help the individual adapt to the environment and society and achieve a decent life for him.

Preparing individual treatment plans commensurate with the case’s age, capabilities and environment with the help of parents as an essential and indispensable element of treatment

Helping and training parents on how to follow sessions at home and apply treatment plans in the right way

Provide counseling and guidance services of all kinds for the family to help overcome the problem and adapt to the situation so that they can provide assistance and train them in the right way away from pressures.

Building treatment plans for the undesirable behaviors that appear in children and stand as a barrier to the individual and the parents to adapt to society and affect all aspects of the individual and family's life

Follow-up of the situation during treatment and after the introduction of the treatment to ensure its effectiveness and to intervene if necessary by changing strategies and modifying goals and methods to obtain the best results